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Casual dining for families and friends for any occasion.
Basic catering menu.  Simple & delicious.

#1. For your group of 10 or more, choose 2 meats, 2 sides, roll or buns, and Iced tea or lemonade, with all paper supplies, BBQ sauces, and pickles.
 Delivery extra. Ribs not included. $13.99 person.

#2. For your group of 10 or more choose 2 meats & ribs, 2 sides, rolls or buns, cobbler, iced tea or lemonade, all paper supplies. BBQ sauces, and pickles Delivery extra. 15.99

#3. For 10 or more, fried 0r BBQ'D chicken dinner, 2 sides, rolls and butter 11.99, add Iced tea or lemonade, cookies, & paper supplies, 12.99. Delivery extra. 

#4. for groups of 10 or more, design your own very special menu, contact us, & we'll price it for  you. 
Meat choices include: Brisket, Pulled pork,  Fried or BBQ chicken, pulled chicken, Kielbasa smoked sausages or hot links, smoked ham,  turkey, Pork steak, Chicken fried chicken or Steak,  bologna, enchiladas, burritos, Smothered steak, cordon bleu, Raspberry chipotle chicken, Frito chili pie, lasagna, Homemade Chicken or Beef & Noodles, assorted sandwiches as well.
Side dishes include: French fries, corn on the cob, ham & beans, Famous cowboy beans, green beans, W. k. corn, mashed potatoes & gravy, Scalloped potatoes, Homemade macaroni & cheese, Steamed fresh vegetables.
 Let our award winning smiles  help you with your very special catering event.
By the Pound To Go
Slow Smoked Beef Brisket 13.49 lb  
Smoked Pulled Pork 10.97 lb 
Whole slab of Baby Back Ribs 21.97
One Smoked or Fried chicken 11.97
Pulled chicken 10.97 lb.   
Smoked Turkey Breast 10.97 lb
Hot Links 10.97 lb.
Bologna & rope sausage 9.97 lb.      Chicken wings 25 or more .69 each
Smoked Prime rib is the best!! Advance order required.
 Sides, Salads, Vegetables
Steamed vegetables, potato salad, Cole slaw, German slaw, green beans, ham & beans, corn on the cob, okra, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, oven roasted garlic red potatoes, and many more. $4.45 pint, $8.49 Quart.

 BBQ sauces
4 Sauces to choose, Spicy, Carolina, Sweet & Original
 3.79 pint, 7.59 quart,   
Chili & Spicy Gumbo 
Pint 4.99, Quart 9.99, Gallon 32.59
Desserts & Beverages
Punch, Iced Tea, orange, and lemonade 4.99 gallon.
Cobbler (8-12)30.97, Ask about our cake flavors and pricing for your group! 
 Cookies  .69 each 8.28 dz.Homemade Cream Pies.
Cheesecake $5.79 whole 59.00 serves 12

Plastic ware, plates, and napkins are available for .65 per person.
Utensils are available for .79 each, Cups .10 each, 
Paper Table cover $5.00 ea.

Special Food Trays 

 Vegetable Tray w/dip serves 20+ 35.99
 Fruit Tray serves 20+ 45.49 ( In season)
 Cookie Tray 3 dozen cookies 25.00  chocolate chip, peanut         butter, M&M, Oatmeal raisin, sugar, strawberry shortcake,
 macadamia & Snicker doodle
Sandwich Platter- 20 sandwiches small buns with choice of meat         & American cheese. Choices are beef, ham, turkey, bologna,         chicken, & salami, $48.50 (mayo & mustard included)
Diced meat and cheese tray 20 people, $60.00 
Spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips 25.00

Just ask and we can provide you with any
 special request.
We have 4 delicious catering service 
choices for you.

1. Pick up. We'll fix everything for you in disposable containers for you to take with you.

2. Delivery:  The staff will have everything made up for you ready to go for your event and we will deliver and set up your order.(50.00 minimum.) There may be a delivery charge. 

3. Hog Heaven will deliver, set up and service your buffet during meal time, pickup and clean up the facility for a charge to cover the payroll costs and service.

4. If you should require extra special menu and services we will work with you to design any type of services you would require. 
Catering Specialties
Minimum order $50.00
Finger Sandwiches, wheat or white bread with 
chicken, ham or smoked beef salad (cut in four) 
9.00 per dozen (minimum 2 dz.)
Deviled Eggs
10.00 per dozen (minimum 3 dz.).
Bacon wrapped sausages 9.00 dz.
​Rumaki, (bacon wrapped chicken livers
 w/Teriyaki) 12.00 dz.
Old Bay Shrimp w/ Cocktail Sauce
13.00 per dozen (Minimum 4 dz.).
Fruit kabobs on 8 inch skewer
3.00 each (Minimum 1 dz.).
Crawfish boil 9.99 person​

Contact Us
Allow 5 oz. of meat for each sandwich and 7 oz. for dinners. Side items 4 oz. each. (1 lb. = 16 oz.) 
1 pint=16 oz. feeds 2-4
1 quart=32 oz. feeds6-8
1 gallon = 128 oz. feeds 28-32
Pricing is subject to change.
Catering package #5 for 25 people, $200.00
50 wings,  choose your flavors, 26 baby back ribs, 40 BBQ meat balls, vegetable tray and macaroni & cheese, & pickles
​Catering package #6 for 25 people $150.00
Pulled pork, or chicken, 25 sliced mini buns, pickles, onions, peppers, cowboy beans, potato salad, 1  BBQ sauce squirt bottle
Party Package #7 for 25 people $250.00
Brisket burnt ends, Chicken strips, BBQ Rib Tips, charbroiled smoked sausage coins, German slaw, 
Scalloped potatoes, dinner rolls & butter, 1 BBQ sauce squirt bottle, pickles,
Perfect for Backyard get togethers or Dinner Parties
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Call us for your next private party! We will rent the entire restaurant and set up a special meal for you!